The Agama Festival

Agama, in Sanskrit means handed down. We are a sum of well preserved and cherished traditions that have been passed down to us over generations and they show us the way forward in life. Of these, the most treasured are those of the performing arts. It is with a deep sense of gratitude and love for traditions that we bring to you The Agama Festival.

Amidst the fast pace of a modern, high-octane life, this festival hopes to bring together people from varied cultures, nativities and geographies, through their common love for dance and music.

The Agama festival looks to bring artists from the East to art lovers of the West, soon making Philadelphia the epicentre of traditional performing arts in the United States of America. We call it the “East Meets West” of performing arts, as we bring to you some of the most renowned and iconic artists to showcase the rich classical art traditions of India.

By bringing these art forms on the same stages that present mainstream operas, ballets and orchestras and by breaking down time and distance barriers, Agama will blend connoisseurs of both music and dance in one grandiose festival!

This year’s edition we present renowned artists including TM Krishna, Alam Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri and ensembles like Leela Dance Collective and the Alumni of Kalakshetra, Agama will soon be open to the audience of Philadelphia, bringing to them a fine experience of classical art traditions that have been preserved and nurtured for centuries together.

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